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David Knight
David Price
Tom Dalling


Katie Turner – Katie
Matthew Woodcock – InterviewBot, Kevin
David Kallo – The Courier
James Naylor – Mystic Martin
Marysia Trembecka – The Gardener
Emma Stirling – The Reporter
Emily Wilden – Edutainment
George Pierce – Lawrence Three
Anne Bird – Anne
Rebecca Silverstein
Robert Hall – Marine, Police Force Advert
Daniel James – Marine
Caroline Spencer – Marine
Lee Yan Chak – The Caller
Molly Small – The Narrator

Today’s Topic

Performed by Luke Georgewill. Luke is a Wastelander and is, apparently, still alive. Good for him.

Short Story

The Monster Hunters, written and performed by Matthew Woodcock and Peter Davis. The story was an abridged version of The Hand of Anubis, series one, episode three of The Monster Hunters podcast. To find out more, visit themonsterhunters.com and look for them on iTunes.


David Fedele is an independent documentary filmmaker, traveller, wanderer, dreamer, musician, part-time philosopher and full-time crazy person. To watch his films, and find out more about him, check out david-fedele.com


Invasion of the Dead by Call Me Greenhorn.


Keir Doherty
Jonathan Day
Ben Osborn
Tom Dalling


Tom Dalling


David Knight
David Price
Maxamillian John

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