The Gentlemen of Horror

Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee defined an era of British horror, starring in Hammer Horror films together for 26 years. When they first worked together in The Curse of Frankenstein and Dracula, Peter Cu
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Napoleon Blown Apart

Alexis McDougall voices several Edutainment segments in The Bunker, and will be performing the short story in episode 6 (coming soon!). Alexis is currently in a new play you should definitely check out! It
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Episode 05 – Interview – David Fedele

Each episode of The Bunker has an interview with a storyteller. In Episode Five we talk to David Fedele. David is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. His work includes Bikpela Bagarap, which reveals th
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The Bunker - Donate

Well hello there, traveller, what brings you to this part of the website? What’s that? You want to give us money?

The Bunker podcast is, of course, free. Now, some clever person in a suit could argue that creating and distributing entertainment for nothing is perhaps not the soundest business model. It could also be argued that it’s unsound to lock yourself up in a hermetically sealed underground room to add to the “realism” of the show, but we’ve been here for two years nevertheless.

What I’m saying is, we’re not sound people.

If you’d like to support The Bunker, to keep it going and prevent the creators from turning to Long Pig as a source of sustenance, you can send us money, which are tokens representing value and can be exchanged for goods and services.

Your funds will go directly to supporting the production of the series.


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Dave's Breakdown 01

What is The Bunker?

The Bunker is a breakfast radio show for the post-apocalypse generation. Set in the year 2414, the series chronicles the misadventures of David, David and Tom, as they struggle to host a one hour radio programme from their underground bunker, complete with guests, interviews, short stories and music, whilst keeping themselves segregated from the barbaric world outside.

The show is completely real, and is somehow being beamed back through time to the 21st century, which is why you’re able to listen to it now. But will people heed the threat of near-extinction that is highlighted in The Bunker, and take measures to avoid the so-called “Big Headache” that wiped out most of humankind? It’s unlikely.

Where is The Bunker?

You can listen to the show on Libsyn and iTunes. The great thing about iTunes is that you can subscribe, rate and review the show! So… Go do that.

When is The Bunker?

A new episode should be out sometime around the 21st of each month. Turns out it’s pretty tricky to make a one hour show full of hilarious jokes, genuinely good short stories, actual interviews with actual storytellers and great music, and then get it out on a regular basis, so we might be a bit late sometimes. But hey, you’re basically getting the show 400 years before it’s even been broadcast, so quit your complaining!

Why is The Bunker?

What is it with these questions? Who are you, Rudyard Kipling? The Bunker is a new project by the folks who make Gorilla Film Magazine. The idea was to create a platform for storytellers, and write lots and lots of stupid jokes. If you’d like to contribute content to The Bunker podcast, you can email us at

Who is The Bunker?

Well now you’re just being silly.