Molly Small
Alexis McDougall
Nina Scott


Penelope Day – Yaga
Susanna Gordon – Bob
Piers Hunt – Piers
Robert Benedetti­ Hall – Poxleitner, Marine
Laila Pyne – Squealers
Max Sterne – Edutainment, Wedge
Katie Turner – Katie
Matthew Woodcock – InterviewBot
Joanne Wong – Nala
Jonathan Day – Jon
James Naylor – Mystic Martin
David Kallo – The Courier
Ben Keenan – Miguel
Daniel James – Marine
Caroline Spencer – Marine
Derek Elwood – Goblin
David Knight – Credits

Today’s Topic

Written by Maximillian John and performed by Robert Benedetti ­Hall –

Short Story

The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage, a classic Grimm’s Fairy tale performed by Pippa Caddick –


Tom Swarbrick. Tom is an award­winning journalist, who is currently the senior reporter at LBC. You can listen to Tom’s Sunday afternoon show between 3-6pm on LBC radio. –


Tom Popperwell –
Ian Wynne –
Sam Sandwich
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Keir Doherty –
Tom Dalling


Tom Dalling


David Knight
David Price
Maxamillian John.