Ep11 Credits Header

David Knight
David Price
Tom Dalling


Katie Turner – Katie
Matthew Woodcock – InterviewBot, Kevin
James Naylor – Mystic Martin, Ogg, Ben
Jonathan Day ­– Jon
Joanne Wong ­– Nala
David Kallo – The Courier
Emma Stirling – ­Teenage News Reporter
Derek Elwood ­– Prog Nelipot
Peirs Hunt – Fred
Emily Wilden – Edutainment
Michael Keene ­– The Archeologist
Helen Watkinson ­– Gertrude
Ben Keenan – Bulby
Robert Hall ­– Marine
Daniel James – ­ Marine
Caroline Spencer ­– Marine
Luke Georgewill – Luke
Amelie Edwards ­– Argh
Max Sterne – Bill
Molly Small – Credits

Today’s Topic

Today’s Topic was written by The Bunker and performed by Matthew Woodcock.

Short Story

I Am Dog, performed by Katie Turner, Joanne Wong and Matthew Woodcock.


Musicbot, who was played by Kevin MacLeod. Check out his website incompetech.com


The songs were Garden by Elder Island – smarturl.it/ElderiDigi

How Did We Get Down by Rhona Dalling – http://cargocollective.com/rhonadalling


Schuttle – http://soundcloud.com/schuttle

Joonipha – http://soundcloud.com/joonipah

Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com

Jonathan Day – http://soundcloud.com/jonathandaymusic

Mr Blazey – http://soundcloud.com/mrblazey

Ben Osborn – http://soundcloud.com/ben­osborn

Call Me Greenhorn – http://callmegreenhorn.bandcamp.com/


Tom Dalling


David Knight
David Price
Maxamillian John