Sian Ni Mhuni

Sian Ni Mhuiri 02

In episode nine Sian Ni Mhuni discusses her exciting approach to storytelling in the form of live tattooing performance art.

Growing up in Ireland Sian was thankful of her families atheism, but she was sometimes jealous of “the opportunity that religion gives you to dress like a wizard or a cloud”. With her performance art Sian has sought to create exciting secular rituals, personal to her and her family and friends. Sian also works on more traditional theatre projects, she’s recently written and directed a play, Aunty Ben. A colourful and playful exploration of gender, family, love and happiness for all audiences aged 7+. Sian’s other work and interest’s include but are not limited to Star Wars, vegan mayonnaise, being a pirate, David Bowie and Guinness.

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