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Hosted by

David Knight
David Price
Tom Dalling


Matthew Woodcock – InterviewBot, Kevin
Laila Pyne – Obelisk Advert
Katie Turner – Katie
Joanne Wong – Nala
Jonathan Day – Jon the Trustwrothy
George Pearce – Gideon
Michael Keene – The Archaeologist
Piers Hunt – Howard
Helen Watkinson – Gertrude
David Kallo – The Courier
Ben Keenan – Miguel
James Naylor – Mystic Martin
Marysia Trembecka – The Gardener
Amelie Edwards – Rose, FreezerFriends Advert
Megan Rogers – Daisy
Emma Stirling – The Reporter
Anne Bird – Anne
Rebecca Silverstein – Rebecca
Lee Yan Chak – The Caller
Molly Small – The Narrator, Edutainment

Today’s Topic

Performed by George Pearce.

Short Story

How The Old General Wept, written by Ben Osborn and performed by Alexis McDougall.


Derek Elwood is not, in fact, the Principal Secretary of State for Defence. He is a talented actor. The interview was a scripted interpretation of soon-to-be-real events.


The Day Before the Day by Cakes and Ale.

Tralfamadore by Cakes and Ale.


Jonathan Day
Keir Doherty
Ben Osborn
David Marc Alterman
Too Much Coffee
Rob Hunter
Harold-Alexis Scheffel


Tom Dalling


David Knight
David Price
Maxamillian John

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