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David Knight
David Price
Tom Dalling


Robert Hall – Condottieri
Katie Turner – Katie
Emma Stirling – Teenage News Reporter
Molly Small – Credits
Matthew Woodcock – InterviewBot, Kevin, Brightside Advert
David Kallo – The Courier
Ben Keenan – Miguel
James Naylor – Mystic Martin, Blunt
Marysia Trembecka – The Gardener
Alexis McDougall – Edutainment
Anne Bird – Anne
Rebecca Silverstein – Rebecca
Derek Elwood – Goblin
Amelie Edwards – Argh
Joanne Wong – Nala
Lee Yan Chak – The Caller
Maxamillian John – Prisoner #1
George Pierce – Prisoner #2

Today’s Topic

Today’s Topic was performed by John Molesworth. John is, for all intents and purposes, human.

Short Story

The Short story was Song for Ulvaak, performed by Cossbysweater AKA Allison Goertz and based on the poem by Patton Oswalt. Allison is a singer/songwriter who sings odes to her favourite underdogs, prematurely cancelled TV shows, and Dungeons & Dragons. You can find Cossbysweater’s self-titled debut album on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp and visit her website http://www.alliegoertz.com/


The interviewee was Giorgio Mariani. Giorgio has been an amateur Dungeon Master for sixteen years, and owns dice that would be old enough to vote if they were people. Obviously they are not people. Contrary to geek stereotypes he has lots of friends. They are actually people.


Raiders of the Apocalypse by Videogram https://soundcloud.com/videogram
Song of the Box-Maker by Tim Dalling, Ian Carr and Neil Harland http://timdalling.bandcamp.com/
And The Hobbit Song by Allison Goertz http://www.alliegoertz.com/


Keir Docherty – http://www.keirdoherty.com/
Jonathan Day – http://soundcloud.com/jonathandaymusic
Call Me Greenhorn – http://callmegreenhorn.bandcamp.com/
Ben Osborn –  http://soundcloud.com/ben-osborn

Tom Dalling – http://www.youtube.com/user/Dallingfilm


Tom Dalling


David Knight
David Price
Maxamillian John
Nina Scott